Dnt s8y th^t(in public)

Track 7, Music/Installation video BK 2019


Single from debut album “The 8ugs R 7ruit” BK 2019

Lost Cause- Submission to Radiohead’s Vignette competition 2016

Help I've Been Dreaming

-Ritual Talk Official Music Video, 2017

skin in comfort- Installation, Florence, Italy, 2018


-Ritual Talk (Official Visualizer), 2018

UNTITLED PEOPLE-Preview short film, Prato, Italy, 2018

(windowOFnow) -Sound/Video Installation. Florence, Italy 2018

LINEAR SENSES- Solo exhibition and light performance featuring Body + Sound Yoga class & Ritual Talk. Melanie Carr Gallery, Essex, Ct, 2019

in Haze- Solo pop-up show at THE LIVING GALLERY, Bushwick NY, 2018

Future of Breed- Stop motion teaser, 2016
Music by Dan Criblez, Music Mixing Alexander DeSimine