WATERMOON-Weeze Single from debut album “The 8ugs R 7ruit” out 7/26 2019

UNTITLED PEOPLE-Preview short film, Prato, Italy, 2018

Lost Cause- Submission to Radioheads Vignette competition 2016

(windowOFnow) -Sound/Vidoe Installation. Florence 2018

Help I've Been Dreaming

-Ritual Talk Official Music Video, 2017

LINEAR SENSES- Solo exhibition and light performance featuring Body + Sound Yoga class & Ritual Talk. Melanie Carr Gallery, Essex, Ct, 2019

in Haze- Solo pop-up show at THE LIVING GALLERY, Bushwick NY, 2018

skin in comfort- Installation, 2018, Florence


-Ritual Talk (Official Visualizer), 2018

"Future of Breed" is a stop motion teaser about the world of technology that has been born in our generation. This world takes place after humans and animals are gone, the only things that walk the earth are these creatures that have evolved with the intelligence of technology. Technology has taken over our minds and its power keeps getting stronger. This is the uncomfortable future.

Created by Daniel Criblez
Music by Daniel Criblez
Music Mixing Alexander Desimine